Studying in Auckland

Sunday, September 11, 2005


During the last fifty years the teaching/ learning process have changed from a behaviourist theory, where the person learns only what the teacher gives to him, to the constructivist theory, where all the emphasis is in the person who wants to learn. According to this, the teacher is someone who helps the student’s learning giving him or her all the necessary tools he or she needs in order to learn by critically thinking.

I think that in the next years there will almost be certainly new ways and new theories of how to teach and how to learn, but it might be a process where both will be absolutely necessary, that is to say that the essentials issues of the education probably won’t radically change.

In the constructivist theory, stay in contact with other is essential because all the learning process is develop in relation with others and from others and for the same reason, I believe that is impossible to learn if you don’t go to school.

Therefore, is almost certainly that the education is not going to change in an abrupt way.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


I arrived three week ago, the first phrase I said was... "this place is wonderful".

Now I know more about the city, I feel very confortable with the people, all of them are so friendly, kind and nice. I have been in many places in the city because I would like to know every part in Auckland.

Before arrived the only thing I knew about New Zealand were the scenerys that appeared in the movie The Lord of the Rings, but now I now about the culture, the people, the style of live, I think that every day I am learning how to share with other culture and not only English. I am realy happy here.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

I am from...

As you know I'm from Chile, I'm here because I want to learn English. I will be here for 4 month trying this. This is the first time I go out of my house for a long time, to times before I went out for a long time but there were only 2 months. But I'm having a great time here, I'm very happy and I'm not alone, I am living here with three friends and here they are...

I want to tell you about my family, for some of you it could be strange for some of you because I have a very big family, I have 4 sisters so we are 5 and I am the second one. We all live with my mother in a very big flat in Santiago the capital of Chile, in a place call Las Condes.